BUY a HOTEL in Waikiki for under $1m! Or a room in one anyway…

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I will try to get this right…I stayed at this hotel in July, 2012.

You can buy a room in the Trump Hotel and put it in their “program” so that when you are not there, they rent it out to hotel guests at the prevailing rates.  You get a cut and they handle everything.  And there are no restrictions on how many days per year you can stay there.  I was told that this is the only full ownership hotel/condo in Waikiki.  I did not look at any examples of numbers, and I am not going to speculate on its validity as an investment (also the property is on leased land), but it seems like a pretty nice idea to me.
I do love hotels.  A trick I have up my sleeve is to order off the kid’s menu:  Grilled cheese sandwich

They sell these (from studios to 3 beds) as turnkey hotel rooms, and you can also buy one and exclude it from the program, keeping it as an owner’s unit.  You would still have access to hotel amenities, though for a cost.  But the monthly fees seemed very low to me (compared to high amenity condo/hotel combos in SF)- under $500/month for the studio unit.  They warned me that electricity cost was high though, and you would have to pay that on your own.
Some details:  Floors 8-23 are suites/hotel with 21 doors per floor, including studios, 1 beds and 1+dens.  Floors 24-34 have 9 doors per floor and 2, 2+ and 3 bedroom floor plans.

$600,000 is entry level and you get a 440 sqft studio with an efficiency kitchen and a nice view, though not necessarily of water.  For $1.3m you can get a studio suite, which is larger, with a West-Southwest orientation.  There is only one 1-bedroom left in Waikiki, but you could also go for a spot in the Panama Trump…

The Waikiki 1-bedroom, facing NE, will run you about $1.389m, though it may be possible to negotiate lower prices.  $2.9m will get you a NE-facing 2 bedroom that has a very open feel, plus great separation of bedrooms.  I think the remaining trophy unit here is about $4.5m.


As of July 2012 they are #1 out of 83 hotels in Waikiki on Trip Advisor
Trump  Here’s the link to their site, but the models in the photos are not representative of who I actually saw there (a wide variety of guests).