In Love With My Dream House… Modernist Beauty in Sausalito

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I really don’t see any home on the market right now to rival this one if you are fond of Modernist dwellings and design.

Listed by Sean McArdle from Pacific Union:     4 Lower Crescent Ave., Sausalito

Personally I would rehearse a band downstairs, or write a novel.  Also, the lower level reminds me of a vacation I took in Hawaii where we stayed in a very cool water tower that had been remodeled in 1960’s fashion.  For some reason this house makes me think I would be walking around naked all the time.  Must be all the windows.  Despite being in a well-populated area, you are mostly looking at greenery, so it feels relatively private.  This neighborhood is close enough to the “action” but it is also comfortably removed, so there is little traffic or activity.  It’s so relaxing and peaceful here to me that it makes me want to stay the night or for a week.  I would love to be able to invite guests to stay for 1-2 weeks at a time.  The lower level bedrooms are nicely separated from the master as well as the living area.

The master bedroom on the top floor honestly made me gasp a little, and I am mostly a hugely composed sort of person.  It’s not massive or anything, but I think it is something about the positioning of the room in relation to the structure and view that made it feel to me somehow elevated, epic,  yet light and airy.

It was very clear that the construction is super intelligent and the finishes impeccably chosen:

Sausalito is my new discovery, having lived for the last 20 years in San Francisco proper, most recently directly across from the Bay Bridge (as unofficial first responder for would-be jumpers).

I have to say that I found people to be so friendly, especially when I stopped by this fashionable Sausalito cafe.  And the raspberry-filled, sugar-crusted donut-ball thing I bought there was delightful.


There is so much nature here, fresh air and all kinds of critters:  deer, skunk, dragonflies, bunnies, and so on:

Plus views:                       
Plus activities:
Kayak and Stand Up Paddling at Sea Trek
And don’t miss open mic night at the No Name Bar, every Tuesday.  See you there!